Cemeteries, another source of beauty.

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This community is for those people that are interested in the art found in cemeteries. This art ranges from simple headstones to elaborate family vaults. I have begun to photograph the various cemeteries around my area and places that I have visited, and would welcome others to do the same. This community is limited to friends only for posting so you will need to make a request to join.

1. Please keep posts limited to pictures from cemeteries, stories involving adventures at cemeteries, tips for getting better pictures, and information on cemeteries that others may want to visit.

2. If posting more than two pictures please put behind a lj cut. This will help those who have a slower connection.

3. When posting cemetery pictures please include the name of the cemetery and an address so others will be able to visit.

4. After your membership is granted please give a brief introduction of yourself and why you decided to join.

Thanks for your time,